Black Bear Management Program

BEARS_gb_int_gsm_img_big-black-bearThe City of Gatlinburg and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) mutually fund a bear management position for the control and management of bears within the City. The objective of this position is to reduce human/bear conflicts, ensure a safe environment for residents and visitors, and allow flexibility for area law enforcement personnel to perform their regular duties. The bear management position is filled with a trained TWRA Wildlife Officer who is responsible for dealing with nuisance bear issues, providing guidance to the City of Gatlinburg on items that can attract bears into the City, and educating citizens and visitors on black bear laws and how to be proactive in dealing with the visiting bears.

Animal Resistant Garbage Containers
The entire area within the city limits of Gatlinburg on the west side of the Foothills Parkway, the area north of the National Park Service boundary on either side of the western prong of the Little Pigeon River between Parkway and the Foothills Parkway boundary bounded on the north by LeConte Street and the Skyland Park and Winfield Heights subdivision, the entire limits from Low Gap Road on the east and to the south of Highway 321 and Parkway will be required to provide animal resistant garbage containers for their refuse. Additionally, all restaurants within the Gatlinburg city limits will be required to have animal resistant containers.

These containers shall have a metal lid with latches or be of a design that is approved by a City Building Official. This requirement will not apply to containers that are located inside a structure such as a house, building or other enclosed structure that does not allow entry by scavenging animals. If you have any questions about the animal resistant containers, please call the Sanitation Department at (865) 436-5959.