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About the Street Department

The Gatlinburg Street Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 93 miles of City Streets in accordance with State Specifications.

Specific duties carried out by the Street Department include the paving, resurfacing, and ditching of roads; cleaning and repairing storm drains, catch basins, and inlets; repairing potholes; clearing, cutting, and cleaning along right-of-ways; ensuring that roadways are cleared during periods of inclement weather; repairing sidewalks and installing and maintaining street and traffic signs.

Phone: 865-430-1370

Use the below form to contact the Street Department to get on the City's list for a Brush, Junk, or Leaf Pickup. Additionally, you can let us know about any street issues in your area.

Contact the Street Department

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Use this form to contact the Gatlinburg Street Department to schedule a brush, junk, or leaf pickup. You can also inform us about any road issues that you see as well.

Paving of Streets
The City of Gatlinburg strives to maintain a paving program to schedule the resurfacing each of the 93 miles of streets within the corporate limits on a 10-year rotational period.

The FY23-24 Paving Program is scheduled to resurface 5.88 miles of road. Over the past five years, the City has paved 47.19 of its 93 miles, marking an investment of $5.6 million.

Brush, Junk & Leaf Pick-up
The Street Department provides the service of picking up brush each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and junk items on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Department also provides the service of leaf removal in the fall. All brush, junk or leaves must be placed near the road, which can be easily accessed by Street Department employees. All items should be neatly stacked for collection purposes. Due to the Street Department's boom truck, it is requested that items not be placed under overhead wires. These items are also prohibited to be placed in a drainage ditch along public right of way, per Gatlinburg Municipal Code 16-108.

To schedule a pick-up for brush, junk, or leaves at your location, please call the Street Department at
(865) 430-1370, or use the form at the top of this page.

Brush Pick-up: Brush piles must be placed by the side of the road with tree limbs not to exceed eight feet in length or eight inches in diameter. Brush piles can not include large logs or stumps.

Junk Pick-up: Junk piles can not include televisions or any debris from the clearing of lots in construction work.

Leaf Pick-up: Leaves must be placed in a location accessible by a large leaf vaccum truck. Brush can not be mixed in with leaves.