Finance Department

The Finance Department provides for the accounting of all revenues and expenditures of the City.  Specific functions include the proper management of the City's investments; long-term financial planning; assisting the City Manager in preparation and execution of the annual Budget; supervision of the City's Insurance and Retirement Programs; retirement of Debt Service Accounts and the collection of taxes, assessments, fees, grants, reimbursements, and all other income or revenue of the City. 

In addition, the Finance Department maintains the accounting records of the City, collects receivables, prepares the payroll; audits all claims against the City and pays all bills.  The Department is also responsible for customer billing, collection and accounting for Water and Sewer Utilities.

Other City of Gatlinburg Finance Department services include: 

  • Issuing Gatlinburg Business Licenses

  • Selling fishing licenses, parking permits

  • Collecting City fines, Property Taxes, Gross Receipts Taxes, Restaurant Taxes, Amusement Taxes and Hotel/Motel Taxes

  • Collecting Water, Sewer, and Sanitation fees

  • Receiving payments for Ambulance bills, Tourist Residency permits

  • Calculating and producing Utility bills.

  • Maintaining and issuing payroll records and checks

  • Issuing financial and budget reports

  • Maintaining accounting records for the city

  • Performing treasury functions for the city

  • Maintaining debt service records for the city

Finance Department Staff

Contact Us

  • Robert Holt, Director of Finance

  • Steve Edwards, Assistant Finance Director/Treasurer

  • Michele Diebold, Human Resources Director

  • Kathy Lindsey, Property Taxes, Beer Permits, & Tourist Residency Permits

  • Delea Patterson, Vendor Payments

  • Kindra Smith, Business Taxes & Licenses

  • Susan Brandenburg, New Water Services

  • Mike Hinkle, Computer Services