Recreation Department, RTSW, APPL coordinating Afterschool environment

The Gatlinburg Recreation Department, Rocky Top Sports World and the Anna Porter Public Library have coordinated their efforts to best provide a safe afterschool environment for students unable to go straight home following dismissal from school.
Due to COVID-19, CDC guidelines will be strongly enforced at all three facilities, as individuals entering the building will be subject to temperature screenings or must answer questions regarding symptoms of the virus. Social distancing will also be enforced and children over the age of 13 will be required to wear a mask, unless engaging in physical activity.
All three entities, which will operate independently, encourage all school-age children to go home following school dismissal if possible, however, every effort will be made to keep children safe that cannot go home. Parents are encouraged to pick children up from their respective locations by 5 p.m. Each facility should be contacted regarding its specific hours of operation. It is the responsibility of the parents to coordinate the afterschool actions of each child in order to facilitate pickup by 5 p.m.
The Gatlinburg Community Center will have several areas available for children, with limited capacity in each area. All children must sign in for a specific activity when coming to the Community Center. Activity areas at the Community Center will include: quiet place for homework and Internet access, three basketball goals with four players per goal, volleyball/wallyball courts, the Tone Zone for those ages 16 and over or ages 13-15 when accompanied by a parent or guardian, swimming pool for exercise and lap swimming only, Bowling Center and game room. Additionally, outside areas adjacent to the pool patio will also be available. Each activity will have a limited number of spots available each day and the entire building will be limited to 110 students. Children under the age of 8 must have adult supervision. For more information regarding the Community Center afterschool offerings, please call 865-325-0044.
The Anna Porter Public Library will accept up to 40 students to study, utilize technology and participate in other afterschool programs. For more information regarding the Library’s afterschool offerings, please call 865-436-5588.
Rocky Top Sports World will provide a Study Café for up to 40 students of Junior High or High School-age children while continuing to provide practice courts for junior leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Elementary School-aged children may use the facility when accompanied by a parent or guardian.  All students accessing the Rocky Top Sports World facility must have a completed and signed waiver. The waiver may be found at For more information regarding Rocky Top Sports World’s afterschool offerings, please call 865-325-0044.
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