Municipal parking garages change to $10 fee per visit

GATLINBURG, Tenn.—Parking rates for the City of Gatlinburg’s two municipal parking garages will be changed to $10 per visit, effective Friday, September 3, 2021.

The Gatlinburg City Commission passed an Ordinance at its August 17 meeting, which increased the rates at both the Parkway/McMahan Parking Garage and the Aquarium Parking Garage. These facilities supply the downtown Gatlinburg area with a combined 730 parking spaces for passenger vehicles.

Earlier this year, the City introduced flat fee rates in conjunction with the automation process at both garages. The equipment was installed to allow patrons of both garages to pay upon their exit to the garages. Individuals paying by credit card can do so at the exit gate to the garage or at self-serve kiosks stationed near the stairwells of the bottom floor in both garages. Those paying with cash must do so at the kiosks, as cash is not accepted at the parking garage exit gates.

The automation process has also given key features to make help inform visitors looking to park in the downtown area. 

Digital signage which details the number of available parking spaces in each garage was installed earlier this year. Motorists can see the signage outside each garage entrance, as well as at the intersection of Parkway and Greystone Heights at Traffic Light No. 5 and another location as motorists approach Traffic Light No. 3 on Parkway.

This information is also available on the City’s website at and the Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Visit Gatlinburg mobile app. On either platform, users are just clicks away from viewing the number of parking spaces available in each garage.

Viewers on the City website can click on the Live Parking Availability button accessible on any page on the site to receive the information. Those using the Visit Gatlinburg app can click on “Parking” and then click on “Parking Lot Availability” to view the number of parking spots available in the two parking garages. Users may download the Visit Gatlinburg app through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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