Timeline for intersection improvement projects expedited

GATLINBURG, Tenn.—Intersection improvement projects in downtown Gatlinburg have been accelerated, due to the effects of COVID-19 impacting travel in the area.
Crews with Blalock and Sons are currently completing work on a crosswalk project at the intersection of U.S. Highway 321 and Parkway. The crosswalk construction work began on March 23. The project, which will line up the crosswalk with the roadway intersection is now expected to be completed by mid-April.
The original completion date for the project was May 22.
With the expedited work at that intersection, crews will begin work this week on the City’s planned improvements at the intersection of Parkway and River Road. Construction is set to begin the week of April 6.
All construction work at this intersection, which is intended to improve traffic and pedestrian flow around the triangle at this intersection, will be completed by April 30. Installation of traffic control boxes, pedestrian signalization and traffic signal poles will occur after the equipment arrives in mid-summer.
Officials estimate the installation of that equipment will cause little disruption to traffic flow, because all construction work will be completed by the end of April.
The original scheduled start date for this project was August 2020, with a completion date of February 2021