Airport Road crosswalk installation project complete

Crosswalk project at Highway 321/Parkway to begin on March 23
GATLINBURG, Tenn.—Projects continue in downtown Gatlinburg, which is home to millions of visitors annually, to ensure safer pedestrian crossings and traffic patterns along the Parkway.
Allowing safer areas for pedestrians to cross in the downtown area is one of the City’s top priorities, as is efficient flow of traffic through the City’s main thoroughfares.
A crosswalk was recently installed at the intersection of Airport Road and Parkway. The construction work was recently completed and the project included the installation of the crosswalk, signage, pavement striping, pedestrian signalization and ADA accessible ramps.
The City of Gatlinburg will also embark on another crosswalk installation project later this month.

Work to install a crosswalk at the intersection of U.S. Highway 321 and Parkway will begin on Monday, March 23. Work will occur each Monday through Friday, with construction concluding at noon on Friday of each week. The construction project will line up the crosswalk with the intersection.
An existing crosswalk at Traffic Light No. 3 will be replaced by this work by the first of May. The expected completion date for the entire project is May 22.
Also planned are improvements to the intersection of River Road and Parkway. This project will involve new traffic signalizations, crosswalks and wayfinding signage. Construction work on this project will begin in August 2020, with an expected completion date of February 2021.