Gatlinburg water meter improvement program to begin this month

GATLINBURG, Tenn.—Starting this month, the City of Gatlinburg’s Utilities Department will begin implementing its water meter improvement project.
The work, which will be performed by contractor Vanguard Utility Service, is expected to begin throughout the City on March 9. Approximately 2,500 of the City’s 3,300 active water meters are scheduled to be replaced during the improvement project.
This project will upgrade water meters to a more advanced metering technology that will positively impact the environment and enable the City’s ability to accurately and efficiently serve needs of its utility customers.
“This project includes advanced technology, such as new state-of-the-art water meters and related wireless communication equipment,” said Gatlinburg Utilities Department Manager Dale Phelps. “The integrated system will increase the efficiency of obtaining data from water meters, allowing for faster and more accurate response to customer information requests.
“Completion of this project will reduce impacts on the environment by eliminating the dependence of fossil fuels for meter-reading activities,” Phelps said.
The upgrade project is anticipated to be substantially completed by May 25, 2020.
During the installation of the upgraded water meters, a representative from Vanguard Utility Services will attempt to make contact with the residents at their door. If residents are not home, a representative will leave a hang tag on their door to inform them of their property’s upgrade status.
If water is being utilized during the upgrade, Vanguard will reschedule an appointment with customers. If Vanguard is unable to access a meter, they will also need to reschedule an appointment with the customer.
Installations that are successfully completed will also be communicated to the residents of the property. Customers are advised if their water is cloudy or there is air in the lines, this will only be a temporary issue and can be easily remedied.
“If you find any of those issues, run your bathtub or sink at the highest point in your house and the issue should clear within a few minutes,” Phelps said.
For more information regarding this project, please contact the Gatlinburg Utilities Department at 865-436-4681.