GPD officers graduate Law Enforcement Academy

GATLINBURG, Tenn.—Two new members of the Gatlinburg Police Department will soon be serving and protecting the citizens and visitors of the City.

Austin Thixton and Michael Green graduated from the Walters State Community College Regional Law Enforcement Academy on Friday, June 11. The two officers were part of the Academy’s 120th graduating class at the Morristown campus of Walters State.

Throughout the nine-week Academy, officers are trained through 494 hours of instruction on basic law enforcement. At Friday’s Academy Graduation Ceremony, Officer Thixton was honored with the Best Athlete award.

“The Police Department is very proud that both Officers Green and Thixton were exemplary during their time at the Academy and looks forward to both of them joining the force to protect and serve the City,” Gatlinburg Police Chief Randy Brackins said.

Following their graduation, the officers will now complete field training with other officers of the Gatlinburg Police Department before being joining the patrol on their own.
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