Digital signage installed for downtown municipal garages

GATLINBURG, Tenn.—Digital signage which details the amount of available parking spaces in the two downtown municipal parking garages was installed and activated this week in Gatlinburg.

mcmahan garage signage

The signage is located at both entrances to the McMahan/Parkway Parking Garage, as well as the entrance to the Aquarium Parking Garage. In an effort to help alleviate traffic congestion on Greystone Heights Road, motorists can also view signage to alert them of the available spaces in the Aquariumaquarium garage signage Parking Garage before they turn onto Greystone Heights to access the garage. This signage is installed at the intersection of Parkway and Greystone Heights at Traffic Light No. 5, as well an additional sign which is located on Parkway near Traffic Light No. 3.

As part of these upgrades, automation equipment has also been installed at both municipal parking garages to improve traffic flow at the exit gates. Patrons paying with credit or with debit cards may pay at the gate as they exit the facility. However, patrons paying with cash must pay at self-service kiosks located on the ground level floor of each parking garage near the stairwell. Credit and debit cards will also be accepted at the self-serve kiosks. No cash will be accepted at the gates upon exit.

Parking at both the McMahan/Parkway Garage and Aquarium Parking Garage is $8 per day.

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