Gatlinburg to host Sparkle Days in March and April

GATLINBURG, Tenn.—The City of Gatlinburg has scheduled Sparkle Days 2021 for March 22-26 and April 12-16. The Sparkle Day Program has been very successful in the clean up of commercial and residential properties in time for the Spring and Summer seasons.

The first week of Sparkle Days, March 22-26 is set aside for commercial debris, while the April 12-16 Sparkle Days is set aside for residential collection. During Sparkle Days, the City’s Sanitation Department will pick up, free of charge, items not normally included in garbage collection.

“Scrap metal, old appliances, brush and even junked vehicles will be accepted for disposal,” Gatlinburg Public Works Director Larry Henderson said.

Residents can place items next to a City street, then call the Street Department for pickup. Some restrictions do apply, as Sanitation crews will not pick up debris from remodeling or demolition projects, tires, or old paint. Debris of this nature must be disposed by other means.

The Gatlinburg Recreation Department is encouraging neighborhood residents to form large litter pick-up groups to clean up litter along roadsides and green spaces throughout the City. Interested parties can obtain a supply of large garbage bags through the Recreation Department, whose staff will retrieve them from the City roadsides for disposal. For more information on participating in a litter pick-up group, call the Gatlinburg Community Center at 865-436-4990.

During the first week of Sparkle Days on March 22-26, commercial businesses are encouraged to clean exterior areas of their buildings, as well as perform any needed repair or repainting to freshen up the aesthetics of the building.

Also during this week, the Building Inspection Services Department will be conducting inspections of businesses for compliance with the adopted Sign Ordinance Provisions. Over the last several months, many businesses have utilized portable signs, as well as other incidental signs, to cope with abnormal business functions and activities to manage the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to assist businesses during this time, the City has allowed the temporary usage of temporary and portable signs, but many of these signs are not permitted under the adopted regulations. As such, businesses will need to remove any unpermitted signs from the property and building facades during this week of clean up. For any questions regarding the compliance of signage with City regulations, contact the Building and Planning Department at 865-436-7792.

The second week of Sparkle Days, April 12-16, is set aside for residential collection. For more information or to schedule a pick-up time, call the Street Department at 865-430-1370.

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