Contact Purchasing

The purchasing duties are handled within the Finance Department. Purchasing guidelines are contained in City of Gatlinburg Ordinance No. 944 in accordance with the Municipal Purchasing Law of 1983, as amended.

Ordinance No. 944 governs the manner in which, as directed by the City Manager, the city purchases materials, supplies, and equipment; secure leases and lease-purchases; and disposes of and transfers surplus property for the proper conduct of the City's business. All contracts, leases, and lease-purchase agreements extending beyond the end of any fiscal year must have a non-appropriations clause.

Purchases, leases, and lease purchases of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) and greater, but not more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000) singly, or in the aggregate during any fiscal year shall require three (3) competitive bids or quotations, either verbal or written, whenever possible prior to each purchase. Quotations for the purchase of items which cost less than two thousand five dollars ($2,500) are desirable but not mandatory. Purchases, leases, or lease-purchases of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more shall be made by sealed bids or proposals. The bids or proposals shall be awarded by the City Manager to the lowest responsible bidder. Bids awarded to other than low bidder and single bids must be approved by City Commission. Any exceptions to the above bidding requirements are very limited and must meet strict criteria as described in Ordinance No. 944.