Service Center

The Service Center is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all City equipment. The facility improves public service and contributes to the efficient operation of the City by allowing all supplies and equipment to be maintained in one location.

Established in 1977, the Service Center is a department that is in constant motion and where personnel are highly skilled individuals whose abilities in the area of mechanics are put to the test on a daily basis. A computerized inventory parts system allows for control and accounting of each part used and results in a cost savings to the City.

Vehicles that are used throughout the City, such as trolleys, police cars, fire trucks, backhoes and trucks, each receive a preventive maintenance check on a regular basis. The preventive maintenance check includes oil and filter changes, lubrication, and any other service required to keep the City's vehicles and equipment in good condition. A washing facility is also available at the Service Center which helps maintain the neat appearance of City vehicles.