Street Sanitation

Residential Garbage Pick-up
The Sanitation Department's residential crews work Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM If you have any questions about pick-up schedules, please call the Sanitation Department at (865) 436-5959.

Brush, Junk & Leaf Pick-up

The Street Department provides the service of picking up brush each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and junk items on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Department also provides the service of leaf removal in the fall. All brush, junk or leaves must be placed near the road, which can be easily accessed by Street Department employees. All items should be neatly stacked for collection purposes. Due to the Street Department's boom truck, it is requested that items not be placed under overhead wires. These items are also prohibited to be placed in a drainage ditch along public right of way, per Gatlinburg Municipal Code 16-108.

To schedule a pick-up for brush, junk, or leaves at your location, please call the Street Department at (865) 430-1370.

Brush Pick-up
Brush piles must be placed by the side of the road with tree limbs not to exceed eight feet in length or eight inches in diameter. Brush piles can not include large logs or stumps.

Junk Pick-up
Junk piles can not include: Televisions or any debris from the clearing of lots in construction work.

Leaf Pick-up
Leaves must be placed in a location accessible by a large leaf vacuum truck. Brush can not be mixed in with leaves.

Tree Removal/Trimming Services
If you are in need of Tree Removal/Trimming services, here are phone numbers for a few companies that service Sevier County. This list is not a recommendation of any companies, but these have been used by Sevier County Electric System in the past. You can find other local companies online as well:

ABC Tree - (423) 344-8732

Asplungh - (615) 346-7256

Lucas Tree Experts - (828) 371-8467

Nelson Tree Service - (937) 294-1313

Townsend Tree Service - (765) 468-3007

Trees, Inc. - (866) 865-9617

Wolf Tree - (865) 687-6400

Commercial Curbside Pick-up
There will be two commercial curbside pick-ups each day for Parkway businesses. These pick-ups will occur at approximately 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

Placement of garbage on sidewalk should occur no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up. If your business closes early, please hold your garbage inside your facility until the 11:00 AM pick-up time. If you have any questions about pick-up schedules, please call the Sanitation Department at (865) 436-5959.

In accordance with Section 17-103 of the Gatlinburg Municipal Code:


  • You must provide an adequate number of strong, durable, rodent/insect proof closed containers, not less than 20 or more than 35 gallons in capacity. They may not exceed 75 pounds. Plastic or paper bags are not acceptable.
  • Paper or cardboard will not be emptied and returned, but must be closed and tied or taped shut and will be taken away.
  • Boxes used for delivery must be flattened and tied in bundles.
  • No fluorescent bulbs are to be placed in trash cans

2. Solid waste not properly bundled or in proper containers will not be picked up.

3. Please refer to Title 17 of the Gatlinburg Municipal Code for specifics, as well as, Section 16-101 (obstructing streets), 16-107 (littering) and 16-109 (keeping sidewalks clean).