The Police Department maintains a 12 hour Jail and holding facility. When a person is arrested by the Police Department they are transported to the Jail for booking. If the person has been arrested for a municipal offense,  such as public intoxication,  they will generally be held a minimum of 4 hours and released with a citation to municipal court from the Jail. The citation is in lieu of any bond for their release. If the person has been arrested for violating state laws such as domestic assault, D.U.I., or they have an active warrant in another jurisdiction they will be booked at the Gatlinburg Jail and then transferred to the Sevier County Jail in Sevierville.


The Gatlinburg Jail is located in the Gatlinburg Police Department

For prisoner information call (865) 436-5181

The Sevier County Jail is located at 137 Commerce Street Sevierville, TN 37862

For prisoner information call (865) 453-0212