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The Gatlinburg Police Department is committed to EXCELLENCE in the provision of QUALITY law enforcement services that are designed to PROTECT the lives and property of the visitors and citizens of Gatlinburg

police_chiefMessage from the Chief
I would like to welcome you to the Gatlinburg Police Department’s website. It is our desire that this visit will provide current and relevant information about our department and the excellent men and women that provide police service. The information contained on this site has been compiled to design a comprehensive overview of the organization. I hope that as you navigate through the information and read about our department you find it apparent that we are an organization that is committed to open communication, community engagement, and searching for excellence in all that we do. Our ultimate goal and mission is to maintain a safe and comfortable quality of life for all citizens and visitors of Gatlinburg through excellent law enforcement services. We work hard to achieve these goals, and are continually looking for ways to improve our service to the community. This website is a tool which hopefully assists you in your correspondence with our department.

I believe that all citizens and visitors of Gatlinburg deserve to have effective and efficient police service and by utilizing a diverse group of men and women who are well trained and highly motivated the Gatlinburg Police Department is able to provide the highest quality of Police Service for our community. Our intent is to use every available mechanism, tool, or opportunity to contact citizens and community leaders in an effort to solicit their assistance to provide quality law enforcement service. So, please utilize our site to help you learn about the Gatlinburg Police Department, answer your questions, and become one of our many partners as we strive to make Gatlinburg the best place to live, work, and play. As you use the site, please do not hesitate to provide us your feedback and suggestions about how we can make this site more useful and informative.

Best Regards, 

Randall Brackins
Chief of Police
Gatlinburg Police Department