The Communications Division maintains the Impounded Vehicle Information and is responsible for maintaining the inventory, collecting fees, and releasing vehicles.

If your vehicle has been impounded by the Police Department you will need to follow these instructions to make the release of your vehicle as efficient as possible.

1). Contact Dispatch and confirm that your vehicle is releasable and the exact fees which need to be paid.

2). When you arrive at the Police Department you must have the following:

  • Funds to pay for the fees and release of the vehicle
  • Two persons who have valid driver licenses (if you arrive by vehicle to retrieve your car)
  • Proof of ownership for the vehicle (This can be your government issued ID if the vehicle is properly registered.)
  • Transportation to the Impound Lot location from the Police Department

• Please note that if your vehicle has been seized it cannot be released by the Police Department without written authorization from the Tennessee Department of Safety.