Online Building Permits

The City of Gatlinburg is now utilizing an online system to help facilitate and process building permits. In order to apply for your permit, please visit

MyGovernmentOnline will help individuals and contractors easily file their building permits and enhance the inspection experience for all parties involved.

The MyGovernmentOnline portal offers the ability for parties to:

  • Apply online for planning and zoning permits.
  • Pay permit fees online with a Visa or MasterCard.
  • Submit plans and documents in PDF format.
  • Track application progress.
  • View and Print Copies or Review Comment Letters.
  • View and Print Copies of Approved Building Plans.
  • Request Inspections Online.
  • View and Print Completed Inspection Reports.
  • Receive Real-Time notifications when inspections are complete.

To receive notifications, users will need to enter in their contact information. Notifications can be sent to property owners, applicants or contractors. Users can select who notifications are delivered to when filling out the application.

All notifications regarding permit applications and inspections will be sent from a Covington, Louisiana telephone number (985) 273-3988.

Please visit to register a free customer portal account. If you do not have an established account with the website, an instruction manual is available for download at

In addition, you may contact the Gatlinburg Building and Planning Department at (865) 436-7792 for assistance. Users many also contact the MyGovernmentOnline Technical Support hotline at 1-866-957-3764 (Option 1) for assistance.

All documents, including architectural plans, civil plans, surveys, development orders, etc. must be uploaded in a PDF format when submitting an application.

When requesting inspections online, individuals must submit their inspection request before 10 a.m. to have an inspection performed the next business day. City of Gatlinburg building inspectors will enter their results in the field to ensure that the results are delivered via email or through the customer portal when completed.

Online Building Permits Help Guide
MGO Help Guide
Click here to access the Help Guide

Helpful Information for Permit Applicants

The City of Gatlinburg, through the Gatlinburg Municipal Code (GMC) and the International Code Council, regulates all construction in the City. Thus, the purpose of the following information is an overview to assist architects, contractors, developers and owners through the plans review, building permitting and inspection processes. A complete packet is available for interested parties in the Building Inspection Department. We, as public officials, look forward to working with you to make your project a success as well as safe for Gatlinburg's residents and visitors.

In order to obtain a building permit, a contractor must first complete an online building permit application.  The following checklists and information will be needed to complete your online application.

Residential site plan check list

Commercial site plan check list

All building permits are processed through

Building Plans

Depending on the type (residential, commercial, multi-family) of permit request, building plans may include the following information:

  • Architectural Plans
  • Structural Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Soils report
  • Sprinkler plans
  • Fire protection equipment plans
  • Building area
  • Gross and net floor area

The Building Inspections Department requires plans and specifications to be prepared, sealed and signed by an architect or engineer registered in the State of Tennessee.

Contractor Requirements
Contractors must provide a copy of a State of Tennessee Contractors License with each permit application. In the event subcontractors are used and not covered under the general contractor's license, then all subcontractors performing work in excess of $25,000 will be required to provide a separate license from the State of Tennessee for their specific trade.

All contractors must provide proof of worker's compensation insurance or proof of exemption from the State of Tennessee.

All contractors must have a valid business license issued by the City of Gatlinburg. 

The following forms may also be required as part of your online permit application.

Cost of Building Permits in the City of Gatlinburg
The cost of your building permit is established by ordinance. When your request is approved, you will be notified and given the amount of the fee. The fees are established by ordinance in the Gatlinburg Municipal Code.

In addition to the building permit fees, additional add-on fees for utilities are assessed and are required to be paid with the building permit fees. No building permit may be issued until any applicable add-on fees are paid. These fees are established by Ordinance and are available at the Utility Department Office or the Building Inspection Office.

Length of Time it takes to get a Permit
The City of Gatlinburg makes every effort to review and respond, favorable or unfavorable, to all requests as soon as possible.

However, be aware that your request must be reviewed for compliance with the zoning ordinances and the building codes and may require review by one or more of the various City Boards.