Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of the various buildings owned by the City as well as City-wide traffic signalization. These buildings include: City Hall, American Legion, Community Center, Shilling Center, Water Treatment Plant, 441 Warehouses, Fire Hall #2 (Reagan Drive), Service Center, Library, Golf Country Club, and Post Office.

On a daily basis, employees in this department take care of any electrical, plumbing or structural repairs or general upkeep needed at all City owned facilities. In addition, this crew is responsible for maintaining the City-wide traffic signalization system and has worked closely with contractors in the undergrounding of utilities and the City's Riverwalk Project.

Business directional signs which guide tourists to local businesses and attractions are designed, constructed and installed by the Building Maintenance Department. These signs aid tourists in getting to their destination and add to Gatlinburg's mountain charm.

This busy department is key to the success of the Winterfest celebration each year by their efforts in setting up and maintaining the light displays throughout the season. Their diligence in keeping every bulb shining creates a Winter Wonderland of twinkling lights for citizens and visitors to enjoy.

Seasonal banners that are displayed throughout the City are put into place by this department. Another important aspect of the Building Maintenance Department's responsibilities is putting into place the electrical capability for every special event sponsored by the City of Gatlinburg. By having electricians in this department that are qualified to do this type of work, the City of Gatlinburg is able to save time and money along with insuring the public's safety from any electrical hazards.

The Building Maintenance Department is an important and valuable asset to the inner workings of the City of Gatlinburg always working behind the scenes performing technical duties that go unnoticed by the public.